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buy the gathering foot for the Janome 1200d and the Elna 845 overlocker and hemming machines. either buy here on line or call us on 1300137041

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Part number 200807001

With the gathering foot it’s easy to create the evenly distributed gathers you want with light or medium weight fabrics. The gathering foot permits you to gather a ruffle, sew it to a flat fabric and overlock the edges in one operation.GATHERING AND ATTACHING RUFFLE TO FLAT FABRIC1. Select sewing program: (1) Safety 4-Thread Stitch2. Thread and set up machine as indicated on the machine or in your instruction manual. – Set SL between 3 – 4. – Set DF at 2.- Set Yellow tension to 6 and Blue tension to 5.3. Attach gathering foot.4. Place fabric “A” (fabric to be gathered) right side up under foot. Place fabric “B” (flat fabric) right side down into foot slot. See Figure 34.5. To achieve a smooth, clean edge at the beginning, hand trim a notch from both fabric corners approximately 6 mm (1/4”) deep and 4 cm (1-1/2”) long. See Figure 35.Lower needles into fabrics. Lower presser foot. Sew first two stitches by hand turning handwheel. Continue to sew using your right hand to hold upper fabric and your left hand to hold lower fabric. Be careful not to hold lower fabric too firmly, preventing it from gathering to its maximum. See Figure 36.NOTE: Set Pressure Adjustment Dial between 1 and 4 if more gathers are desired. Remember to reset dial back to 5 after gathering is complete.Gathering Foot (G): 200-807-001

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Google Rating
Based on 46 reviews