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Three only Monogram Wizard Plus. Brand New. multitudes of fonts and sizes. especially good for names, dates etc. Easy selfd explaining CD. ring us on 1300137041 for more info or buy here on line

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The original makers of Monogram Wizard are no longer in business, We have Three new copies of the Wizard to clear.

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Monogram Wizard Plus Lettering Design Software

Presenting the Monogram Wizard Plus, the powerful software product from Needleheads which makes creating custom monograms and names fun and simple! With just the click of a button, you can select from 18 monogramming styles, 55 fonts, and over 140 motifs, creating thousands of combination’s. With additional lettering styles and movement capabilities, the possibilities are virtually endless.


How big or small can I make letters in the Wizard?

You can make letters of any size in the Wizard. There is no limitation on how big you can make the letters. However, a warning message will appear if you start making letters smaller than the recommended minimum size for that font. It is possible to make letters smaller than the recommended minimum size, but the quality may be lacking and additional steps must be taken to ensure that the letters sew out well.

Does density/stitch count change when you resize the letters?

Yes! Though they appear as stitches on the screen, the fonts and motifs in Monogram Wizard Plus are actually in an outline type format. Therefore, whenever you make any change to the design on the screen, the stitch count and the density is recalculated to reflect the changes you made.

What if my machine uses a file format not listed?

Almost every single home embroidery machine on the market requires another piece of software to load a design to their machine: one that will write to their cards or specially prepare the floppy disk (if the machine will take a floppy). These intermediate software applications will, 99% of the time, open Tajima (*.dst) files and convert them to the specific format needed. Further, most people out there also have a piece of conversion software and all of those will open Tajima files.

Just because the Monogram Wizard wont write to your particular format does not mean that it is not compatible with your machine! In fact, even if it did write to your particular format, you would still need that other piece of software which is specific to your machine to load the designs. Tajima files are a standard in the embroidery industry, and are very stable and reliable. You will be able to use conversion software to convert a .dst file to your machine’s particular format.

Monogram Wizard Plus Software

Program Features:

  • 18 Monogram Styles and 12 Lettering effects – Choose from 18 different preset styles for laying out your monograms. The 12 lettering styles can be used with 3-letter monograms or with free lettering (names, etc)
  • Letter Movement – In the 3-letter Monogram mode, each letter can be moved individually.
  • Vertical Lettering – Features a vertical monogramming style which can be applied to both 3-letter monograms and names.
  • Rotation for larger hoops – If necessary, you can rotate designs 90 degrees before saving so they can be sewn in larger hoops
  • Lots of Fonts and Motifs – Choose from 55 fonts and over 140 different motifs for your lettering projects
  • Style Selection – Save your own custom monogram or design styles for easy access or future editing.
  • Layers – Designs can be built up in “layers”, allowing for the use of multiple motifs, fonts and monogram/lettering styles all in the same design
  • Sizing and density controls
  • Design information is updated in real time as you work
  • Adjustable color control
  • Create monograms with 1, 2 or 3 letters, or enter up to 2 lines of lettering
  • Stitch Selection – Allows the user to choose whether the lettering will be sewn as satin or fill stitches.
  • Printing – Designs created in Monogram Wizard Plus can be printed at full size.
  • Multiple file formats – Monogram Wizard Plus can save to the following file formats: DST, JEF, JEF+, PES, and SEW
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Google Rating
Based on 48 reviews