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Ribbon Sequin Foot For Janome

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Ribbon sequin foot for janome 7mm machines

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Janome Ribbon sequin foot for drop in bobbin machines

part number 200332000

Ribbon Sequin Foot For Janome

click on link to see how this ribbonSequin foot works


You can use this foot to attach sequins two different ways.
The Ribbon/Sequin Foot has a slot at the front for feeding through ribbon, strings of sequins, or elastic.

If you want to attach sequins, you can choose two different methods and stitches–with a zigzag or a straight stitch. With the zigzag stitch the needle will penetrate on either side of the sequins, causing the thread to cross back and forth over the top. The straight stitch option has the needle penetrate the sequins to hold them in place.

How To Attach Sequins With A Zigzag

  1. To use a zigzag stitch, attach the foot and feed the sequins through the slot at the front.
  2. Choose a zigzag stitch and make it as wide as possible. Choose a long stitch length so you cover the sequins with as little thread as possible.
  3. Begin sewing at a slow speed, guiding the fabric and making sure the sequins are feeding evenly. You’ll notice that the zigzag stitch goes over the sequins rather than piercing them.
    Hint:Using a thread that’s the same color as the sequins will also help hide the stitches.

Attaching Sequins With A Straight Stitch

  1. Set up the foot and feed the sequins through as described above.
  2. Choose a straight stitch and select a long stitch length to make the fewest possible holes in the sequins.
  3. Begin sewing at a slow speed.
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Google Rating
Based on 46 reviews