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The Janome Continental CM8 quilters sewing machine

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Our 2024 Stocktake sale starts today . Pay only $9899 for our New Janome  Continental M8 professional 9mm quilters sewing machine. We are offering a minimum $1000 trade in for you old working quilting machine

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Pay Cash And Save on any sewing item we sell
Pay Cash And Save on any sewing item we sell.

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Our huge 2024 mid year stocktake clearance sale is on Stocktake Sale
We are having a huge 2024 stocktake clearance sale

Janome Continental CM8 quilters sewing machine

Minimum trade in

Our exclusive Minimum $1000 Trade In
Our exclusive Minimum $1000 Trade In for your old working quilting machine under 12 years old. Ring 1300137041 for a valuation

 Stocktake 2024   clearance sale. 

Exclusive features on the Janome CM8 quilters delight sewing machine.

Stock is limited.

This is a Sewing machine company special offer.


Janome Cm8 Big Table
Special offer.  this table is available at $1399 when you purchase the New Janome Continental CM8 quilters machine
  • NEW A.S.R (Accurate Stitch Regulator) Included
  • NEW Superior Needle Threader 2 System
  • 13.5″ Workspace
  • Sewing speed 1,300spm
  • QR Code / AcuSpark2 App
  • Professional HP needle plate, HP Foot, and HP2 AcuFeed Foot

Where advanced engineering and technology combine to bring you Hi-Definition results

You take your sewing passion seriously. You deserve a machine that delivers professional results. The Continental M8 Professional has everything you need for Hi-Definition Quilting and Hi-Definition Sewing. The A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator ensures that every quilting stitch you make is perfect. While the professional grade HP Needle Plate and HP2 AcuFeed options allow you to piece with precise 1/4″ seams.

Want more assistance? Use the free AcuSpark2 app with the Continental M8 Professional to see more information about each stitch, review recommended settings, and see what options are available. Or, use the Sewing Applications menus to select your stitches by choosing what kind of sewing you are doing.

The Janome CM8 has a 7 inch colour screenCm8 7inch Screen
Its so easy to use your new Janome CM8 with the easy to read colour screen
Janome Continental Cm8 has the Asr Stitch Regulator
Now the Janome Continental CM8 has the Automatic stitch regulator for precise  stitch control


  • Yhe Janome continental Cm8 has the Enhanced Threader
    Gosh the Janome continental CM8 has the most up to date threader your quilting eyes could wish for
    The Janome continental Cm8 Rula Quilting Function
    The Janome CM8 has Now with the New Rula Function kit

    The Janome Continental Cm8 Tapering Features
    The tapering feature on the Janome Continental CM8 allows for easy tapering

Model: Continental M8 Professional
Accessories supplied with machine
1 Zigzag Foot A (on machine)
2 Rolled Hem Foot (3mm) D

3 Zipper Foot E
4 CONCEAL® Zipper Foot Z
5 Satin Stitch Foot F
6 Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
7 Blind Hemming Foot G
8 Professional Grade Foot HP
9 Quilting Bar L
10 Overcasting Foot M 40 Spool Holder (large) x 2 (1 on machine)
11 1/4˝ Seam Foot O 41 Spool Holder (small) x 2
12 1/4˝ Seam Foot O (without guide) 42 Spool Holder (special) x 2
13 Darning Foot PD-H 43 Spool Rest x 2 (internal holder for large thread spools)
14 Open-toe Darning Foot PD-H 44 Button Shank Plate
15 Free Motion Quilting Closed-toe Foot QC 45 Touch Panel Stylus
16 Free Motion Quilting Open-toe Foot QO 46 Cloth Guide (adjustable)
17 Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot QV 47 Foot Control (large style) + base plate
18 Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot QZ 48 Remote Thread Cutter
19 Ruler Work Foot QR 49 Adjustable Knee Lift
20 A.S.R. USB Cable for Stitch Regulator 50 A.S.R. Accessory Case (Janome branded)
21 ASR-QC Closed-toe Foot 51 Accessory Box (resin) (Janome branded)

22 ASR-QO Open-toe Foot 52 Threading Guide Sticker
23 ASR-QV Clear-view Foot 53 Power Cable
24 ASR-QR Ruler Work Foot 54 Foot Control (large)
25 Automatic Buttonhole Foot R 55 Instruction Book
26 Stabilizer Plate for B/hole Ft 56 Instructional Video (Download)
27 Button Sewing Foot T 57 PC Applications Software (Download-Windows only)
28 AcuFeed Dual Holder (twin) 58 Semi-Hard Fabric Machine Cover
29 AcuFeed Foot AD (twin) 59 Extra Wide Table folding legs and drawer
30 AcuFeed Professional Grade Foot HP2

31 ZigZag Needle Plate 9mm (on machine)

32 Straight Stitch Needle Plate

33 Professional Grade Needle Plate HP

34 Janome Plastic Bobbins x 5 (1 in machine)

35 Needle Set

36 Thread Net x 2

37 Screwdriver (large)

38 Lint Brush (small)

39 Seam Ripper (buttonhole opener)


OPTIONAL Accessories available to purchase from a Janome Stockist
Part Number Description Part Number Description
202125004 AcuFeed 1/4 Inch Quilt Piecing Foot OD (Twin) 202090009 Ribbon/Sequin Foot RS
202103006 AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot SD (Twin) 202080006 Rolled Hem Foot (6mm) D1
202149004 AcuFeed Open-toe Foot UD (Twin) 202081007 Rolled Hem Foot (4mm) D2
202102005 AcuFeed Straight Stitch Foot STD (Twin) 202095004 Ruffler RF
859833006 AcuFeed Holder (Single) 202293004 Sliding Guide Foot SG
859835101 AcuFeed Foot VD (Single) 202083009 Straight Stitch Foot ST
859838001 AcuFeed Zipper Foot ED (Single) 202310008 Taping Guide Foot TG
200334002 Adjustable Zipper Foot (narrow, 3 needle postions) 202091000 Ultra Glide Foot U
202086002 Applique Foot AP 202431006 Ultra Glide Needle Plate & Ultra Glide Foot U
202097006 Beading Foot (narrow groove) 2mm L1 202433008 Bobbin Case (for Free Motion Quilting)
202098007 Beading Foot (wide groove) 4mm L2 990109000 Needle Size 9 (15×1) Sharp
202461005 Bi-Level Foot BL 990111000 Needle Size 11 (15×1) Sharp
202099008 Binder Foot W 990112000 Needle Size 12 (15×1) Sharp
202084000 Border Guide Foot FB 990114000 Needle Size 14 (15×1) Sharp
202082008 Buttonhole Foot B 990116000 Needle Size 16 (15×1) Sharp
202135007 Circular Sewing Attachment 990118000 Needle Size 18 (15×1) Sharp
202089005 Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set OV 990100000 Needle Mixed (15×1) Sharp
202216003 Clear-view Quilting Foot (cnp) OM 202122001 Purple Tip Needles #14 BP
202085001 Cording Foot H 200346007 Blue Tip Needles #11 BP
202087003 Ditch Quilting Foot S 990416000 Denim Needles #16
202100003 Edge Guide Foot SE 990500000 Top Stitch Needles #11/14
202110006 Free-Motion Couching Foot Set FMC 990600000 Leather Needles #11/14/16
202096005 Gathering Foot V 820828008 Twin Needle (2mm) sharp
202418007 HD Roller Foot 202432007 Optic Magnifiers with 1.2x 1.4x 1.6x Lenses BP
202463007 Lap-Seam Foot 202010027 Plastic Bobbins x 10 BP
202199009 Large Buttonhole Foot & Stabilizer Plate LR 202010038 Plastic Bobbins x 5 BP
202213000 Pintucking Cord Guides (easy set bobbin models) 494719002 Universal Table Stand excl. plate
202094003 Pintucking Foot (narrow) N2 494411104 Plate K for universal table stand
202093002 Pintucking Foot (wide) N1 494709009 Universal side table stand (no hole)
202462006 Piping Foot I2 (narrow)
202088004 Piping Foot I
202211008 Quilt Binder Set (easy set bobbin compatible) W1

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Google Rating
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